Marine Corps Marathon

12 Unique Things to Do in DC over Marine Corps Marathon Weekend

1. The “Newseum”

“The line of stands by the Pennsylvania Avenue entrance, filled with copies of today’s front pages from newspapers around the world, draws passers-by to this museum dedicated to journalism and free speech, which opened in 2008”

2. Take a Movie Walk

“Our nation’s capital makes for a great background for evening strolls, afternoon meeting spots and high-intensity movie scenes. Nearly 200 movies have shot various scenes in Washington, D.C.” Check out a full list below.

3. Gravelly Point Park

Right behind the Reagan national airport is a small park that offers visitors a chance to see the bellies of planes up close and personal as they arrive and depart from Reagan airport. Every time a plane passes, the earth rattles and all that can be heard is the whirl of the turbines. Where are they going? Who knows! It’s an awesome, one-of-a-kind experience.

4. 2019 Ghost 5k & Scarecrow Sprint Fun Run – Saturday, Oct. 26th

What better way to do your shake out run than in style? Dress up and take part in this fun, family-friends 5k! $30 to register as an adult.

5. Go boating or floating in DC

“Escape the hustle and bustle of the city! Enjoy the sights of the Potomac River as you paddleboard or boat past the Georgetown Waterfront, Roosevelt Island, some of DC’s most stunning monuments and under the beautiful Key Bridge.”

6. Try Sushi Donuts at Sushi-Zen

If you like sushi, this is for you. Sushi Zen featured playfully-clad sushi rolls with exotic flavors and scrumptious presentations!

7. Experience a behind the scenes shark walk at the DC National Aquarium

“Dare to walk the catwalk above Shark Alley, where sharks circle just inches below. Check out the food prep kitchen and feed fish in their exhibit habitats as you learn about these incredible predators of the deep”.

8. Visit the monuments – at Night

While visiting the monuments may not sound like a very unique thing to do in D.C., it’s a really fun experience! During the day, D.C.’s most famous spots are dripping with tourists and heat. Night time site seeing is not only less crowded, but also a totally different experience.

9. Feel like you could use a hand? Or a foot…

Located just outside DC, this statue has had people puzzling over it for years. Visit “The Awakening” for an eccentric photo op that’s guaranteed to get you likes. Kidding.

10. Museum of the Bible

“The museum, located in Washington, D.C, showcases fascinating artifacts and offers an immersive experience with the Bible and its ongoing impact on the world around us.”

11. Go to the top of the Washington monument

Although this may not be a unique thing to do, it’s still a city-must! Make sure the monument is open for business when you want to book – it’s often closed for maintenance.

12. Learn Trapeze Silks

Why? Well, why not?

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