Our Story

A little bit about how Destination Marathons was formed

It began with "The Horse"

I (Mark Janik) have been a runner since my junior high school days in Michigan. In those days, they called me “The Horse” on my track team. Since then, I’ve been an avid runner and have always loved to travel. After retiring from Merck following a 30 year career in sales I decided to start my own runners travel company. Having run over 35 marathons and half marathons I knew first hand how difficult it was to find a hotel in a city where thousands of other runners are all looking for the ideal place to stay. I knew how difficult it was to try and get a reservation for several friends at an Italian restaurant the night before and I knew how hard it was to connect with other runner friends who were in town for the same race but staying in a different location.


The reason I started Destination Marathons was to create a much better experience for runners. A hassle free, worry free weekend where they can focus on having a great time. We design stress free trips for runners so our guests can connect and achieve their best. 
Our Mission

Destination Marathons provides a VIP experience for runners and spectators by managing all logistical details of the trip so our guests can focus on the race, build friendships, and create memories.

and is still "running strong"

Destination Marathons offers comprehensive travel packages to runners for the world’s most prominent races.

Our team of experienced runners is committed to providing outstanding service to make your trip “run” smoothly. We will provide ideal accommodations, transportation, and have on site representatives to enhance your experience.

Running is an individual sport but if you travel with us our team will assist you along the way and make it memorable. We know what’s important to runners and our team will do everything they can to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Well…. everything except run for you.

Every trip is a vip trip