Our Heart

At Destination Marathons we think it's important to give back to the community. We proudly donate portions of our profit to our "Big 4" and participate in their fundraising events.

The DONNA Foundation

The DONNA Foundation participates in a variety of community outreach and education programs, and hosts several fundraising events to support its mission. To date, it has served more than 15,500 families in need and dispersed more than $4.2 million of debt relief, moving families from a place of fear to a place of love.

In 2015, Mayo Clinic announced the widely-publicized Triple Negative Breast Cancer Vaccine Trials, a project made possible in part by The DONNA Foundation. Ongoing funding, resulting from a portion of the monies raised DONNA Marathon Weekend, make it possible for the laboratory team not only to conduct state-of-the-art breast cancer research, but also provide genomics support for studies in all cancers.

Taylor's Tale

Taylor’s Tale is one of the world’s leading voices in the fight against rare disease. Founded to honor one little girl with infantile Batten disease, today we work to build a better future for one in 10 Americans – and 350 million people worldwide – who suffer from one of more than 7,000 rare diseases.

Let Me Run

Let Me Run inspires boys through the power of running to be courageous enough to be themselves, to build healthy relationships, and to live an active lifestyle.

Dragon Master's Foundation

Dragon Master’s mission is to find and accelerate cures for cancers and other diseases by fostering and rewarding a community of collaboration and innovation. 

Our Mission

Destination Marathons provides a VIP experience for runners and spectators by managing all logistical details of the trip so our guests can focus on the race, build friendships, and create lifelong memories.

Our Heart

As a Charlotte-based company, we want to pour back into our community by supporting our “big 3” charities

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