Running is a sport that may cause injury during training. Injuries do not exempt you from the cancellation policy. We strongly encourage guests to consider travel insurance.

Destination Marathons does not endorse any companies. Below are some resources to help you during your research.  We receive no endorsements or compensation for listing the links below. Please review all options and see what best fits your needs. 

Most of us know “The Points Guy” as a great resource for comparing travel credit cards. This link shares his comparison of travel insurance. His quick reference visuals and tips are a go-to for many travelers.

This is a list of Forbes “Best Of” including categories, links, and ratings.

Cat 70 made the top of Forbes’ list for “Best pandemic insurance” and “Best family insurance”. Their intuitive website makes comparing plans a positive experience.

Trawick was also listed by Forbes as one of the “Best pandemic travel insurance” companies on the market. They offer both high and low coverage for foreign and domestic travel. 

Travel Insured made the top of Forbes’ list for “Best options for custom insurance”. This website allows you to search and compare a variety of plans.

Travel compare rates and coverage from multiple insurance providers to give you all the information you need to to find the options that meet your needs.